Updates: Transactions above 100 USD now requires ID Verification - - - - MonEx.ng is now an Authorized Binary.com Payment Agent - - - - You can now make payments via Card for Instant Transactions.


21 October 2019

Step by Step Guide on How to Transact on MonEx.ng

Step 1: You click on the Sign Up which is at right side above the page. Once you’ve clicked on the button, the Sign Up page will come up and you can fill in your details.


Step 2: After Signing Up, you’ll be sent an activation link sent to your email, which you’ve to click on to activate your account.


Step 3: You then log in to your account with your email address and password. 


Step 4: You now have access to your account and can now make exchanges. 


Step 5: Want to make an exchange? Click on the exchange button on the left side of the page and start exchange.


Step 6: You want to send Neteller and receive Naira in return? Simply click on the button right below the send and click on neteller, do the same with button below the receive and click on naira then you click on exchange. 


Step 7: Type in the amount you want to send and the receive amount will automatically bring out the figure you’ll be receiving. Then, you click on the next step which is below the page by the right side, which you fill in your details.


Step 8:  Make payment to our account and insert your payment details, you can as well include payment proof and you confirm after payment.


Step 9: We will confirm payment and you’ll receive an email notification that your payment was successful. You can as well leave a feedback. 


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